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Flexible Order Flow

The OF•G Approach


TradeStation users are more experienced that users of other platforms, and know how they want to trade. Insider Bars is not "one size fits all" and may be customized to work with your trading style.


Copycat order flow software is everywhere these days. Insider Bars offers innovations which make analysis easier to see and easier to understand. See innovations section below to learn more.


Traditional TradeStation inputs are far from user-friendly. Insider Bars avoids all that with custom input screens. There are no complex codes to remember, just a modern user interface. See sample here.

What's Included

 Insider Bars

Insider Bars uses tick data to see inside intraday price bars, showing bullish and bearish bias often before it is reflected in price movement. It also includes advanced VWAP, VPOC and Value Area analysis on multiple time frames, and a whole lot more.

 Insider Bars B

Insider Bars B was a derivative of Insider Bars designed to give the same "insider" data as Insider Bars, but in a much more compact format. This can be very helpful when combining with your analysis techniques, as some of the Insider Bars display options can use a lot of screen area. Whereas Insider Bars emphasizes drawing objects in its display, Insider Bars B has advanced plotting options.

 Price Vol Pro

Price Vol Pro allows you to display price x volume and market depth data to the right of your chart's price bars. When combined with ChartTrading, it gives you all the functionality of the TradeStation Matrix without looking away from your chart. But that is just the beginning: Price Vol Pro gives you far more data and display options than Matrix.

 Time Sales Pro

Winner, 2013 TradeStation TradingApp Contest! If you've ever tried to watch the tape of a high-volume futures or ETF market using traditional time & sales tools, you know it just doesn't work! There's a thousand times too many transactions. Time Sales Pro solves this problem by grouping same-price/same-time trades together, to make the data more manageable. It also allows you to see when large block volume enters the market. In today's electronic markets, you rarely see a large futures trade print. That's because the "other side" of large trades are one lots, and also because a lot of big traders break up their trades to disguise their activity. Time Sales Pro sees right through the disguise.

 Volume Profile

The Insider Bars Volume Profile indicator performs price x volume analysis on daily price charts. A variety of display options are available. This picture shows the point of control colored orange, and 70% value areas above and below VWAP colored blue and red, respectively.

Historically, the difficult part of volume profile analysis with TradeStation was scaling the display. Depending on the data displayed, chart size and computer monitor, text might be too large and bleed into adjacent text, or too small to read. Insider Bars Volume Profile solves these issues, with automatic font and histogram sizing. The display is automatically resized based on user parameters and the data shown on the chart. If text is too small to read, it is hidden and only histograms are shown. And if you resize the chart or otherwise change it so that text may be displayed at a legible size, it reappears. The above chart shows a histogram display, with the inset showing the display including text. If you increase the bar spacing so less data is shown on the chart, the text appears; decrease spacing and it disappears out of your way. And all this happens automatically.

OF•G Innovations

Real Value Area

People call all kinds of calculations the "value area", and most of them are wrong. Insider Bars does it right.

week & month VWAP, VPOC...

Everyone has seen daily VWAP, VPOC & Value Area, but there is magic in weekly and monthly.

Combine ticks

Insider Bars allows you to combine ticks for price x volume analysis, which is great for small tick sizes.

Multi-tick poc

Many Insider Bars traders find its multi-tick POC far superior to the old-school kind.

Auction point analysis

Insider Bars' new approach to order flow, where prices are groups as bid-ask pairs for more effective analysis.

Auction Point of Control

Locates the high volume auction zone of each bar and determines whether it is bullish, bearish or neutral.

Custom price bars

Seems like everyone loves candlesticks. Only they are not well suited for order flow. So OF•G invented its own.

intraday bar histograms

Insider Bars is the only place you will find intraday price x volume histograms on TradeStation.

Automatic font sizing

No more fussing with fonts bleeding together when you are trying to trade; OF•G has you covered.

If you are trading without Insider Bars then you are trading blindfolded. Seeing where high volume is at certain areas of the bars gives you a footprint on what is actually going on at a support or resistance Level.

D. K., Insider Bars subscriber

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